November 23, 2010


No words needed, I am awesome.

November 22, 2010


My mom bought me my first pair of rain boots today! They feel funny on my feet when I walk in them! The awesome part about having rain boots is that I get to walk in outside when it is raining and my mom doesn't get mad at me when I walk in the water and splash the puddles!

Here I am running down the hall way, my mom was having a hard time taking pictures of me.

November 20, 2010


I like to copy my mom and wear her glasses like she does. I take them off of her head and put them on, then I try to put them back on her face. She let me out them on her a couple of times but then I poked her in the eye and she didn't let me do it anymore.

 Here I am running outside of the dentist office. My mom and I were hanging out outside while my dad was inside getting his teeth cleaned.

November 18, 2010


Today I helped my dad mow the lawn!

November 17, 2010


Bath time is fun. That is all.